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I am the owner of thespritas website, and I make sprite animations. Am I the bane of Newgrounds?

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ifureadthisdie's News

Posted by ifureadthisdie - December 28th, 2010

Looks like someone's been 0 bombing the hell out of all of my flashes. I know they're not so good but, whoever's doing it, you're pathetic, just letting you know. You're not really doing much to me lol.
Seriously, if you're some butthurt kid, get over it.

Posted by ifureadthisdie - October 31st, 2010

Happy Halloween everyone, i hope you all get candy with drugs in them.
I'm gonna not do anything productive and sit my ass on the interwebz all day. masturbating to Halloween themed porn, taking the candy from my little cousins in exchange for living another year and dying of super diabetes a couple of days later.

PS. Is it weird that i had a VERY VERY STRANGE dream in which i was hanging out with Satan, and he was a cool guy aside from the whole eternal damnation. And i was asking him questions about hell and stuff and pretty much according to him, EVERYONE is going.

Posted by ifureadthisdie - October 9th, 2010

I made this for a very special friend <3
Read the description of the vid for other stuff I'm too lazy to even copy and paste here.

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Posted by ifureadthisdie - September 11th, 2010

Forget that so many people died and pay attention to me damn it it's my birthday....I'm suppose to be important Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Someone made a video for me <3

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And my cake!

Happy birthday to me...

Posted by ifureadthisdie - January 26th, 2010

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeelll
HO K! So, nothing interesting happened so far with me so far. Just some stuff like below
So first things first i forgot to update this page on Christmas like i planned to do, i made an animation in Adobe After Effects to say Merry Christmas to all and also to advertise my new channel, in which i teamed up with DarkZero a good friend of mine who is a very good animator, and makes a lot of custom sprites for me, to make comedy sprite vids. He animates and i write, though if he wants to he can come up with ideas. He's a stubborn cunt to work with but the out come is worth it. Here's the vid

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All the other information about the account and stuff will be in the vid and the description. Please read that...fuckers

In other news, i remade my sprite animation tutorials, all parts have been deleted and replaced with the new and improved 10 part one. I explain more stuff and teach better ways to do stuff and stuff. My voice also got deeper from the last, sadly i recorded when i was sick, it was a bitch to do this because a lot of words probably sounded wrong.
Here's part one

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Don't make fun of my voice </3

Oh and umm about my l vs s (luffy vs sanji). Here's a preview dawgs

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Click on the video and read the description for better info and stuff.
That is all, <3

Oh shit! Update! And preview!

Posted by ifureadthisdie - September 19th, 2009

Hi i did a trailer and shit for my next video. Comment and shit :3

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Posted by ifureadthisdie - September 9th, 2009

HO K! So my luffy vs sanji that I've been talking about in my previous posts is being completely remade since it sucked so bad. And I'm also going back to CS3 since CS4 is a pain in the arse and glitches up my movie like hell. And i posted a new video 8===D

Please go die in a fire now :3

Posted by ifureadthisdie - August 14th, 2009

HO K! An update on my main sprite project luffy vs sanji. I've been working incredibly slowly, but lately I've been in this weird mojo to animate a lot. So i got a lot done.The file size is already fucking huge holy shit. So by the end of this I'm gonna have an ass load of compression to do, and by the looks of it, this film might end up well over 10 minutes because i have a shit load of ideas for this. Now if only i could get my lazy ass to animate more frequently.

Other news. I have done NOTHING. This entire summer. What a fucking waste. But i got out of summer school 3 days ago finally. I'm gonna miss this chick i met there....why the hell am i telling you this. Why are you here? FUCK OFF

Pic related

Yea so ummm..update

Posted by ifureadthisdie - May 3rd, 2009

For any of you who even give a crap here's some info on my new project Luffy Vs Sanji, a good mindless fight for pancakes which will be about 10 minutes more or less.

I made a teaser for it a bit ago, here it is

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SWF version (higher quality) here HUA

and then months later after i finished up my collab part for my collab (which failed) look at it here Bleh, i uploaded a preview look at it here

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SWF version (higher quality) here

But that was months ago, here's an update on Luffy Vs Sanji, Scene 3 is completed (scene 1 being the menu)
Luffy vs Sanji video progress
frames: 3426
fps: 24
library items: 610
length: (including the tiny bit of frames in the menu) : 142.6 secs 2 min and 22 secs
percent done: approximately 22%

That's all about Luffy Vs Sanji coming soon when once my balls stop itching

About there other stuff
I've been learning Adobe After Effects lately, i have to say it is amazing. I've only just started but recently from all my teachings i made my into to my videos which will appear on any new video i put up. SWF version here

Youtube version here

/* */
Ill see what else i can do with AE when i learn more.

That's it for now....
Also, penis.

Posted by ifureadthisdie - May 2nd, 2009

I uploaded it anyway (relative to my previous news post)
Vote 5 or whatever