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Death Battle Debut!

2014-03-26 15:11:58 by ifureadthisdie


It's been a bit since I updated this but I return this time with some news for the maybe 2 people here that actually care.

I was hired to animate for Screwattack's Death Battle series (http://www.screwattack.com/shows/originals/death-battle), and my very first episode has been released! 

I did the animation and effects, Ben Singer (Wiz) did the music and sounds. Why he did so I'll explain below

So here's Luigi vs Tails


I must say. This was not at all how I wanted it to be. Ben did not email me about the episode for a bit, when he finally did it was during a horrible time. Finals week of my first semester in College, then Holidays, and then school started again with a MUCH more brutal schedule that I did not anticipate at all. Basically I ended up biting more than I could chew, and most of the DeathBattle was made during weekend late nights, trying to desperately catch up lost time before having to go to school again, WHILE also trying to keep up with school. Considering all the classes I was taking were art related, they also had deadlines and projects that kept me up at night working on them with time I should have spent on the Death Battle. I'm personally not really happy with the result, what I liked most about it is the background and the blender animation itself. 

Ben did the audio because among the things that delayed the episode were computer crashes, one of which made me lose 2 days of progress. I could've have spent it polishing the video, fixing up those bad effects and finishing the sounds but I failed to do so on time. Ben had to do a rush job himself and uploaded the video anyway. So there you go guys.

Made using Blender, After Effects, and Flash.

Oh look another sprite fight

2013-08-11 02:40:35 by ifureadthisdie

Finally finished with this.
First time using blender and this is what I shat out.
Combined with After effects and adobe flash.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/623193?upd ated=1

Here's a youtube version.

I really learned a lot of things from this, future animations will look even better. Hope anyone cares for it lol.

Also, made this in 7 days.

Decided to add sounds to something unfinished and upload it to the tubes as is.
Will be remade a third and final time, perfected.

There's also this at least.

Dumpin some unfinished shit

Well there's this

2012-07-26 01:29:56 by ifureadthisdie

and here's that.

Well there's this

Mario's Castle Collab 2

2011-12-28 18:59:41 by ifureadthisdie

It's out.
I was a part of it. Made the nice intro and stuff lol.
Lange has a small penis.

Mario's Castle Collab 2

happy birthday to me...

2011-09-11 13:48:07 by ifureadthisdie

17 now...woohooo...
Yea....lots of dead people but i still live another year!..

Mario's Castle Collab.

2011-07-23 19:34:34 by ifureadthisdie


Go watch it you faggots!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvhTysB had4
on youtube

There will be a Part 2. Which I will be opening for with a badass opening.

Also cocks.

I joined a collab!

2011-07-01 23:37:17 by ifureadthisdie

I finally feel like I'm a part of something....

I joined a collab!

Back from hospital

2011-06-14 20:23:50 by ifureadthisdie

Well yea

Apparently Saturday May, 21st is when we're all fucked in the A by our said creator. We'll be soon forced to suffer 7 years of hell on earth. So grab your guns and prepare for the most awesome 7 years of Demon Zombie hunting and killing and dodging plagues.